ECP objects to KP governor’s ‘choice of words’ in letter to secretary

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) raised objections to the letter written by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor to the ECP secretary.

Sources said the commission has objected to the language used in the letter written by KP Governor Ghulam Ali to the ECP secretary.

It said the governor has nothing to do with holding ‘peaceful’ elections, and that it could not consult him on law and order.

“The governor has no role in the Constitution except fixing a date for elections,” the ECP sources said, adding a caretaker government and law enforcement agencies are bound to assist the commission.

Meanwhile, former election commission secretary Kanwar Dilshad has said the governor writing a letter to the ECP is a violation of Article 105 of the Constitution.

The governor only has the authority to set a date for the election. It is a violation of the Constitution to invite the ECP for consultations.

Mr Dilshad called the governor’s letter laughable.

On the other hand, KP Governor Ghulam Ali has been invited to the election commission for consultations regarding elections in the province.

A three-member committee headed by the law secretary has also been formed for the consultations.

The consultation committee was formed after reviewing the letter of the governor in a meeting chaired by the chief election commissioner.

The ECP also wrote to the KP governor that if he came to Islamabad, he could meet the chief election commissioner and the members for consultation on the provincial elections.

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