Dubai police arrests girls who posed naked on Marina balcony

DUBAI: Authorities in Dubai arrested a group of women who posed naked on a balcony in broad daylight in the upscale Marina neighbourhood.

The charges against the group include public debauchery as well as violations of the Emirate’s pubclic decency laws which prohibits nudity and lewd behaviour. The penalty for such offences can include a 5,000 Dirham fine and a jail sentence up to six months.

While Dubai hosts a sizeable international population, behaviour like kissing in public or even sharing pornography is not allowed in the Emirate.

Dubai police held that such unacceptable behaviour did not reflect the values and ethics of Emirati society.

Dubai police said those arrested over the indecent video had been referred to the public prosecution.

Such unacceptable behaviors, the police statement said, do not reflect the values and ethics of Emirati society.

The UAE, while liberal in many regards compared to its Middle Eastern neighbors, has strict laws governing expression. People have been jailed for their comments and videos online. The country’s majority state-owned telecom companies block access to major pornographic websites.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Dubai police said: “A criminal case has been registered against the arrested, and they have been referred to the Public Prosecution for further legal action.”

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