Dr Iqbal Hashmani a Multidimensional Personality (Opinion)

KARACHI: As people are choosing English literature these days to reap endless benefits, which is excellent but causing a significant loss to Urdu literature, love for Urdu literature is priceless and indisputable. A select few persons in this position operate as live lamps, illuminating the surroundings with their passion for and dedication to Urdu literature.

With his humorous work, Dr Iqbal Hashmani contributes to Urdu literature. Being a family doctor who works full-time and is a published author seems to be impossible. He worked diligently on both parameters, shattering this stereotype. He worked with numerous newspapers, where readers would often read his articles while beaming a smile. People’s questions about his writing prompt them to conduct their research.

His humorous remarks and sarcastic writing gratify people’s souls. With his remarks, he wished to leave a legacy behind.  Because he opposes authoring all other old daughter and mother-in-law stories, his writing style is particularly unique compared to other authors’. Instead of this he use to write about social evils and how these small acts affect the poor people at large scale. . He conveyed all of this through his engaging writing style, which both makes readers laugh and encourages them to reflect.

 Iqbal Hashmani,  is a poet, writer, and family physician. His work has a unique flavour that enlightens the readers’ souls. Through his writings, he reflects Pakistani culture and social life. Even as a young child, Dr. Iqbal enjoyed writing. 

As a teenager, he used to write for the newspaper and put a lot of effort into his academics since he wanted to be a doctor. He enrols in Islamia College for Intermediate, where he later earned a spot on the Dow University of Health Sciences merit list. His insatiable passion for writing inspires him to create more. He was able to work with many newspapers while studying medicine. His enchanted words illuminate the narrative and keep the reader guessing. This trait made his writing engaging for readers.

In his college years, he also wrote poetry. He took a 12-year break from writing after earning his MBBS, but his friends pushed him to continue.

He has plenty of writing opportunities from Dosheeza to Aghaz. Due to political unrest, 1986 was a particularly painful year for Pakistan. In this age of violence, Iqbal Sir hopes to make people smile through his writing. He uses his magical words to make others happy. He was determined to fulfil his responsibility to the Pakistani people during that period of political unrest. He treats patients as a doctor and chooses to utilise words as a writer to make them happy.
His books Majbooriya, Mazeed Majboriya, Jeel wali larki, Khuwab Nagar ki Rani, dhund ki chadar and doctor online. 

Even though he had a highly demanding schedule, he nevertheless made the decision to write .He has a lifelong passion for the literature of Urdu. He frequently acknowledges the assistance his friends have given him as he pursues his literary career. He begins writing online during his free time on Facebook, where he has a sizable fan base. People from all around the world recognised him and asked him to write more when he used to upload all of his writing there.We learned from his story that everything is possible if you have enthusiasm. According to him, finding the proper firm will help you follow your passion in the right direction.

Through his love of writing, he brought Urdu literature to life. His contribution is noteworthy because he uses his humour writing skills to benefit our “Urdu” language.

He has a penchant for writing from a very young age. The young man, curious to learn, is today a famous family doctor and a writer. Dr. Iqbal Hashmani gave our language of Urdu a fresh perspective by demonstrating how a writer can sarcastically reveal things that are hidden from view.

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