Don’t Choose Extinction (Opinion)

People are facing severe flood situations in the dimensions of Pakistan. About 33 million of the total population have been affected by floods.

After the arrival of the flood, there are two types of water in abundance in the flood-affected areas, one is the water of the flood and the other is the water that tears from the eyes of the helpless and oppressed victims. What should we cry about? After all, millions of acres of agricultural land in this country are not cultivable due to lack of water. Or water is available but there is no land to cultivate because it is flooded. But the saddest thing is that our role in bringing about the catastrophe we are facing today is probably the least.

It seems that the disaster written by man’s own hands has started from Pakistan. The world in general and Europe, in particular, is increasingly using conventional energy sources. The by-products of using these energy resources are eating up the world’s atmosphere like termites.

The thing to think about is that if science has progressed so much, then why is this issue not being stopped. The world has really developed because of the abundance of non-conventional energy resources. Although very little but to some extent solar energy and energy obtained from animal waste are being used in the world.

Why is its scope not being extended? As long as traditional sources of energy continue to be used, human ecosystems and even biodiversity will be severely affected. If it is not stopped, perhaps the human being will become so helpless that he will not even be able to stop his own extinction.

Due to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the temperature of the world is increasing with each passing day. If the situation continues like this, there will be more severe floods in the future and this time their scope will not be only Pakistan but the whole world. If it is not stopped here today, we don’t have to wait till the distant future, we may end up in the near future. Do not choose extinction.

Life continues to face new problems when the world is facing poverty, health problems and food shortages, in such a situation, exposure to a threat like climate change is probably like a diseased body getting cancer. The glaciers are melting rapidly and the incoming water has become a scourge. If a good infrastructure is in place, this water can also be made useful.

Transition to non-conventional sources of energy and technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should be introduced. Instead of saying that Pakistan’s canal system is the best system in the world, we should admit its failure.

Proper irrigation system should be developed and dams should be constructed. Extensive forests should be cultivated. Penalties should be given for felling trees. If this trend of climate change is not stopped today, we may not be able to do anything tomorrow.

Man should be proud of his existence, realize the threats facing humanity and bring to light broad-based and multilateral policies to eliminate them.

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