Diplomatic squabble: US embassy retweets Ahsan Iqbal’s tweet calling for removal of PM Khan

ISLAMABAD: In an unprecedented diplomatic squabble, the US embassy retweeted a tweet by Ahsan Iqbal which openly called for the removal of Prime Minister Imran Khan, drawing ire from PTI supporters across the world.

Ahsan Iqbal had equated Trump with PM Khan and indirectly called him a dictator and a demagogue.

It then came as a humungous shock to the people of Pakistan that the official account of the US Embassy in Islamabad retweeted Ahsan Iqbal’s tweet, in a way, endorsing Ahsan Iqbal’s views.

It is not considered appropriate for foreign missions to get involved in the domestic politics of the country.

Later on, the US Embassy apologised for their irresponsible behaviour and said that the action had been reversed.

“Dear Followers: The U.S. Embassy Islamabad Twitter account was accessed last night without authorization. The U.S. Embassy does not endorse the posting or retweeting of political messages. We apologize for any confusion that may have resulted from the unauthorized post,” the account tweeted in the aftermath of this controversy.

However, TPD Investigations Desk has learnt that the PTI has reacted strongly to this and are analysing whether the tweet was innocently retweeted or whether there was a more sinister agenda involved.

Tempers reached a tipping point when Azhar Mashwani, the focal person on digital media for CM Punjab asked the embassy whether the account was accessed by Russian Intelligence Agency KGB or SAATH?

It is clear that the PTI has not accepted the apology and it is expected that the ties between both US and Pakistan which were already shaky will see more volatility in the times to come.

Previously, PM Khan had said that Trump and himself had a lot of similarities and it is believed in diplomatic circles than PM Khan and Trump enjoyed a particularly close relationship.

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