DG PNCA concludes her visit to Skardu

ISLAMABAD: DG PNCA Dr Fouzia Saeed was on an extensive visit to Skardu. This was hosted by the Minister of Tourism, Sports, Culture & Archeology, Youth Affairs Mr Nasir Ali khan. She met prominent cultural personalities, performing and visual artists and district management during her trip. She discussed many crucial issues and also areas in which PNCA could facilitate.

She added that “GB’s Government is very proactive in promoting tourism and cultural activities in the Baltistan region. Minister Tourism, Sports, Culture & Archeology, Youth Affairs Nasir Ali khan is enthusiastic in encouraging tourism and developing the cultural talent among the youth in both Gilgit and Baltistan”.

DG PNCA specifically requested the district Govt and the Minister to provide the space for performing artist as there is none currently. A hall that was built earlier for that purpose is being used for other activities. She specifically conveyed the demand of the artists based in Baltistan to have that hall available for them. She also emphasized that the current art councils should collaborate and come under one umbrella. Issues related to the training of the artists in Baltistan and their participation in Islamabad specifically at PNCA was also discussed.

The visit concluded at the end with the Minister and the district administration the following decisions were taken.

  1. The arts councils in Skardu will be taken under the wing of the local govt.  The municipal cooperation will formulate an overseeing body that will include all the arts councils.  The administrator will be the chair and the relevant Government officers from the cultural and tourism department will be members. It will be open to all senior artists. 
  2. the city hall will be revived and opened up again for cultural activities. The arts councils and the new setup will have direct access to this auditorium for all kinds of activities including music, theatre and art exhibits.
  3. a mega musical event will be planned in collaboration by PNCA and the Ministry of culture possibly at Deosai plains in August. This will feature major local artists from the GB area. Senior and well-established artists from the country will be invited to join hands and be a part of these celebrations.

Other than these three major decisions, there were several other points of collaborations which included training of junior artists in music, recording and theatre. The Minister appreciated the efforts of PNCA in regards to activating the office at Gilgit and started the recordings so quickly. He said that there are many other things in which we can collaborate and invite other institutions to join in. Dr Fouzia Saeed thanked the local administration, the Minister Tourism, Sports, Culture & Archeology, Youth Affairs Nasir Ali Khan and the very active Board member of PNCA Taqi Akhunzada, who himself is the prominent cultural personality of GB.

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