Deprived Awaran (Opinion)

Awaran is one of the largest districts of Balochistan with an area of nearly 29,510 square kilometres. Sadly Awaran is deprived of all basic facilities such as education, electricity, road infrastructure, and a poor telecommunication system. There is not a single district which is like Awaran.

The education system in Awaran is very bad, there aren’t any good schools or colleges. And a university through which the people of Awaran could Quench their thirst for education. Teertaj is one of the biggest villages in the concerned district, but it has a high school with no proper teaching staff.

Nowadays, education has become as compulsory as oxygen is for human beings. But unfortunately, Awaran is still deprived of it. Undeniably, without education, we will remain backward in every field of life Awaran is considered the poorest district of Balochistan.

Electricity is another issue which district Awaran lacks. Electricity is an invention of ages but Awaran is yet to receive it in the 21st century. Another crumbling issue is the poor communication system. After its commencement in said district, each day its residents face the problem of communication. One day there is the network and on the other day, there is no network.

Poor communication has made the lives of people worse. Neither people can talk properly nor they can access the internet too. The Internet is the need of the modern world but still, Awarnies don’t know what actually it is. Telecommunications companies are silenced after complaints made by residents for making it better.

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