Daughter of Pakistan (A real inspiration)

The passion to make our country proud on national and international leads us to the way to success. Everyone is trying to achieve something that would brighten up the image of Pakistan. Pakistanis are making a mark in the fields of science, education, sports, and whatnot. But ever encounter someone who makes a record at the same time promotes Pakistan at the international as well as national level. Yes! we know a person who has done what others couldn’t. Pakistan is honoured to have legends like Syeda Rida.

Syeda Rida Zainab (also known as Rida Zainab or Syeda Rida) is a Pakistani author. Her first book was published in zenodo.

Rida is a Pakistani writer. She worked as a paw ambassador, Author, and horse rider for the Pakistani industry. Her books have a speciality in attracting readers and absorbing their attention. Readers love to read her novels again and again. She is famous for writing a book on animal rights.

Rida holds the record of writing the national anthem of Pakistan in more than 50 languages. The national anthem of Pakistan written by Hafeez Jalandhari was promoted on the international level in different languages. Many people got the chance to understand the true meaning of our national anthem. As the national anthem exists in the Persian language and not many speak or understand Persian. But Rida’s innovative contribution made it possible for nearly everyone around the world to understand it.

Rida also holds one more record. Although it didn’t make it to the world record, it’s still a proud moment for Pakistan. Rida is known to be the first Pakistani author to write about animal rights. The book ‘Paigham-e-Mahan’ is the first book that talks about the rights of animals. Her love and care towards animals could be seen in this book. What a thoughtful person.

Recently Rida Zainab & Ayesha Talib has published a book (Pakistani tujhey salaam) in which they paid tribute to the ISPR & national heroes of Pakistan.

Political, economic, activism the since, and writers to inventors achievement of 80+ Pakistani superheroes of the world alongside Sania Alam (mind mapping queen) and Zara Naeem dar, the book features proud kind-hearted genius Zain Ashraf Mughal, Rohayl Varind known for her work on the betterment of society, Raina Khan Barki, the youngest Diana award winner, Tayyaba Nisar Khan, in the field of activism & Journalism, Kulsome Hazara the karate wonder to zenith Irfan Pakistani’s motorcycle girl in the book Rida Zainab and Ayesha Talib trying to promote a positive message from each & every corner of the book.

The Pakistan Daily is proud of Syeda Rida Zainab for making Pakistan proud all over the world. We hope to witness more of her great work and wish her success in future endeavours.

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