Cyril Almeida Vs Asad Rahim Khan: Twitter brawl ensues

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: A Twitter brawl has ensued between two of the leading Pakistani writers who have both made a name for themselves for their professional achievements.

Cyril Almeida, a former Dawn staffer made global headlines after being involved in a sensational story known as “Dawn Leaks” which led to a public conflict between the military establishment and the previous PML-N government.

Asad Rahim Khan is a budding barrister who has worked closely with the Attorney General’s office and has represented the federation of Pakistan before the Supreme Court of Pakistan in cases involving the sentences of APS Peshawar and Parade Lane terror convicts, the Panama Papers, and the Supreme Judicial Council.

Both writers have excelled in writing hard hitting copy and have a made a name for themselves in the journalism and political quarters of Pakistan, however, they have exchanged heavy blows, mocking one another in public.

It started when Asad tweeted the following:

This led to a harsh criticism by veteran writer, Cyril who responded:

Upon being called a ‘scummy shill for the mil’, Asad did not hold back and attacked Cyril.

Asad did not hold back when he indirectly called Cyril as being, “Maryam’s syndicated court jester”.

A wide range of heavy insults were exchanged between the two highly educated and eloquent writers who are known for their composure.

Tempers reached the tipping point when Cyril said that Asad, “Thinks he’s a Sharifuddin Pirzada in the making, is more of a Farogh Nasim,” reflecting that Asad Rahim Khan was supposedly seeking to be a military tout.

Asad Rahim Khan countered these allegations and refused to side with drone attacks.

It remains to be seen how this fight between two media heavyweights unfolds but Shahbaz Taseer, son of former Governor Salmaan Taseer added an element of humour to this escapade.

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