CSS and the students of Balochistan (Opinion)

Why the majority of students from Balochistan cannot get allocated in civil services after taking the CSS exam? This question is the cause root of many students’ tensions in this regard.

Everyone wishes to go for it but they can’t crack the hard of it. There are some specific reasons for this phenomenon.

The very first one is the mindset of most of the students who think they can’t do it. As a quotations suits it well, “if you think you can or can’t, you are always right”. Here students consider it a work of aliens and lebel it impossible for a common person. This misconception is also famous that students from Balochistan are deliberately failed by FPSC that’s why they don’t try to do it. That is not true but, however, this mindset has lagged them behind. How can they be failed when their seats remain vacant!

The other biggest problem among the students of Balochistan is; rich do not value education and poor study only for jobs. So the poor do not have all the facilities to study further. As soon as they achieve  jobs ( no matter it  is low or high grade one), they will quit the study. This also leads toward the failure in css.

Lack of competition is one more cause, as everyone is awarethat CSS is a competitive examination but here in Balochistan there is no environment of competition in any fields which has made the students weak. When it comes to css, they cannot meet the demands of competition and therefore they fail it. Similarly, students must be guided in this regard but, unfortunately, they have no access to guidance. Even teachers do not have enough information about CSS and they are unable to instigate their pupils to go for it.

In addition to it, if one compares Balochistan with Punjab, there are thousands of civil servants and aspirants in Punjab. Having seen their locals they (punjabis) get inspirations from them. But students in Balochistan don’t have that many indigenous. There are few natives, they think themselves superior and don’t motivate aspirants.

Owing to this students remain dispossessed of inspirations. Dearth of amenities is also one of the hurdles, there are no such academies that could provide quality education for CSS. And there is also need of standard schools, universities, books and libraries, they halt them from passing CSS too. 

Sadly, too many of them face different bad situations in their academic years. For example, majority cannot get proper education till matriculation because of paucity of good schools and teachers.

Till matric they just go to school and come back to home without gaining something. After matric they join tuitions or academies which are not sufficient for CSS because this exam needs strong foundation. When they reach University level, now they realize but it will be too late.  Moreover, poverty also compels number of them to stay away from css.

Number of students have to pause and resume their studies in the middle owing to financial woes. This causes disturbance and stop them focusing on their studies.

If a lucky and brave student dares to overcome all the above-mentioned problems, again he has to counter several others like he may loose interest in study, may lack hard work and cannot keep himself motivated. He also has to help himself finacially.

He might fall prey to campany of bad friends who avert his attention from studies. Having experienced that much hardships students also lack dedication, determination, consistant, persistant and steadfastness.This is how the students of Balochistan hardly pass the css.

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