Court grants bail to PTI MPA Khurrum Laghari in ‘sexual harassment’ case

LAHORE: MPA Khurrum Laghari was granted interim bail on Monday in a case regarding alleged sexual harassment and blacking.

According to the details, in a sexual harassment and blackmailing case against Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) MPA Khurrum Laghari, a sessions court in Lahore granted interim bail to him in lieu of surety Rs50, 000 following Amina Yaqub, the petitioner, pardoned the MPA.

Earlier, Amina got recorded the agreement under which she pardoned MPA Khurrum. “I have no objection if the court approves the bail of MPA Khurrum since both of us have reached a settlement. I am no more interested in pursuing this case further,” she told the court.

Amina, the resident of Defence Housing Authority, (DHA) Lahore, had got registered a case against the PTI MPA for sexually harassing and blackmailing her prompting the defendant to move the court for interim bail.

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