CM Jam Kamal appeals to Hazara community to bury their dead amid no sign of PM Khan

By Abdullah Zahid.

QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan reiterated his appeal to the members of the Hazara community to bury the slain coal miners.

“I once again request the lavaiqeen to do tadfeen of [the] bodies. The religious obligations may not be held back and please it may be done. I request you all again,” he wrote on Twitter.

The members of Hazara community along with families and relatives have staged a continuous sit-in in Quetta in freezing temperatures with dead bodies of slain miners for the fifth consecutive day.

Talks between the government and members of the Hazara community following the killing of coal miners in Machh ended without reaching an agreement, with protestors saying they would not bury dead bodies till PM Imran arrives to their camp.

‘I will come again very soon’: PM Khan

Tweeting from the comforts and warmth of his majestic, safe and secure PM Office, Khan asks Hazara community to bury their martyrs, promising them a visit soon to pray and condole with them.

He tweeted: “I share your pain and have come to you before also to stand with you in your time of suffering. I will come again very soon to offer prayers and condole with all the families personally. I will never betray my people’s trust. Please bury your loved ones so their souls find peace.”

Through tweets, the PM said the government was taking measures to prevent such attacks in the future and knew that the neighbouring country was instigating this sectarian terrorism in the country.

“I want to reassure the Hazara families who lost their loved ones in a brutal terrorist attack in Machh that I am cognizant of their suffering and their demands. We are taking steps to prevent such attacks in the future and know our neighbour is instigating this sectarian terrorism.”

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