Child Psychology Easy to Understand, Yet Complicated (Opinion)

Children are one of the astonishing creations of Almighty Allah and maybe that’s why it’s not easy to understand them and their psychology and when we are talking about children than we have to put one thing in our mind that it’s not easy to take care during adolescence but it is essential as these are the years of their development physical as well as mental and when we talk about mental development there is a term which we use is child psychology and it is a specific branch of development comprising physical cognitive and social-emotional.

During their upbringing, these aspects are really important to take care of such as their environment, social relationship, culture, and most importantly their behaviour at home.
if we see child psychology from a broader perspective then we will know how massive and important it is for instance a child reacts the same way as the people around him reacts to certain situations a study has revealed that; “The creativity of a child’s mind depends on the crowd that a kid has around” and another study tells us that .” if you want to raise your child in a good way or want to teach them ethics and improve their environment first” so somehow it’s on us that how we behave in front of a child then he will notice and do the same that how a child and it’s psychology works.

We know it’s difficult to understand child psychology but it’s not impossible in the modern world. Scientific research has discovered a lot of things for parents and teachers that can help us to understand the needs of children.

Authentic research tells that, ‘Never say no before kids” because if we say no to him he will never be able to explore the world tomorrow like if a kid wants to touch the hot cup of tea we will say no because we know it’s hot but the child doesn’t in his mind it’s just a cup that’s it if we’ll say no, Don’t touch, it hot he will never understand but if we let him touch the hot cup of tea in our supervision, then he will get to know it’s hot and surely he would never try again. That is how a child and its psychology is, simple yet complicated.

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