Celebrity Breakup: Veena Malik’s ex sues her for 50 crores

Pakistani starlet Veena Malik (real name is Zahida Malik) has found herself in another controversy after her ex husband, Dubai based businessman Asad Khattak sued her for 50 crores.

Taking to the micro blogging site Twitter, Veena Malik’s ex spilled the beans over his fight with his wife when he shared legal documents regarding the custody of their children.

TPD Investigations Desk has received the legal notice sent by ABS & CO to Veena Malik and has also learnt that the children are US nationals.

Legal notice sent to Veena Malik
Starlet Veena Malik

Denying that she kidnapped her children, Veena Malik shared her own version of the events.

Asad Khattak has been trying hard to get the custody of his children but it is still unclear how this controversy will unfold.

Previously, Veena Malik became the subject of controversy when she posed nude for a photoshoot in India with the initials, ‘ISI’ tattooed on her arm.

Veena Malik posing in a controversial photoshoot

It has been claimed that Veena Malik is toeing the establishment’s line in order to wash away her past work in India.

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