CCTV shows Zahir Jaffer’s watchman stopped Noor Mukadam from leaving

ISLAMABAD: CCTV footage from Zahir Jaffer’s house in F-7 shows that Noor Mukadam tried to escape but the Jaffer family’s watchman Iftikhar prevented her from leaving.

A transcript of the CCTV footage in the Jaffer family home has been provided to Zahir Jaffer’s defence team. There is a 35 minute time difference between the DVR time and local standard time.

On July 18, Noor Mukadam can be witnessed entering the Jaffer family home at 10:18 pm. Noor seems to be on the phone while the watchman Iftikhar is also present in the footage.

Zahir Jaffer allegedly had a flight that night and was seen leaving his home with Noor at 2:40 am and going in a taxi. Zahir later returned.

Later on in the CCTV footage, Noor Mukadam can be witnessed attempting to leave the house without any shows on but the watchman Iftikhar refused to let her leave, preventing her from saving her life.

Zahir then appeared at the gate and grabbed Noor who begged to leave. Zahir dragged Noor back.

The next day at 7:12 PM, Noor Mukadam can be witnessed jumping from the roof of the house and falling to the ground floor with her phone. As she got close to the exit of the house, watchman Iftikhar and the Jaffer family gardener prevented her from leaving.

Zahir Jaffer then grabbed Noor’s phone and locked her in a cabin in his home. Sometime later, Zahir Jaffer mercilessly dragged Noor back inside the house.

At 8:06 PM, 6 Therapy Works employees come inside the house. The Pakistan Daily had published the leaked conversation of the owner of Therapy Works, Tahir Zahoor Ahmed who alleged that Zakir Jaffer said his son had “solicited” someone.

At 8:55 PM, the Therapy Works team leaves the house with an injured person. Surprisingly, the injured person did not file any complaint until the details were leaked by the media many days later.

It has also emerged that Zahir Jaffer had multiple phone calls with his mother Asmat Jaffer and father Zakir Jaffer while Tahir Zahoor Ahmed stated that Zakir Jaffer took the situation lightly.

More recently, Zahir Jaffer misbehaved with the judge at his hearing and had to be dragged outside the courtroom by the police.

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