Cattle-owners demand probe into embezzlement of funds issued for the purchase of livestock Medicine

THATTA: Alleged embezzlement of funds of millions of rupees issued for the procurement of livestock medicine, vaccination, and mosquito kits by the officials of Livestock and Husbandry department district Thatta has left behind many questions with no one to answer. No medicine for livestock has been provided by the district livestock department neither to the dairy farm owner nor to the cattle breeders.

According to the information received by this correspondent through credible sources of the livestock and husbandry department of district Thatta, an amount of Rs 2,0480000 rupees had been released in the name of bogus and unregistered companies of livestock medicine however no medicine was provided so far in all four Talukas Mirpur Sakro, Gorabari, Keti Bunder, and Thatta.

A concerned official of the department requesting anonymity told this correspondent that the high-ups ordered purchasing of livestock medicine and vaccination and also issued funds for that purpose but no procurement had taken place so far. These bogus companies had been formed to usurp the funds meant for the procurement of medicine.

Meanwhile, owners of the cattle heads have alleged that they are getting spurious and substandard medicine and vaccination from the market that is not proving beneficial for the animals.

Mohammad Yaqub a cattle breeder said that he had got his cattle head vaccinated against a viral disease around two weeks ago but that vaccine had not shown any progress and that viral disease was spreading rather so swiftly.
Hassan Ranjho alleged that every year several cattle heads die after getting spurious and substandard vaccination and medicine following massive corruption in the department. He urged the concerned Minister to hold an inquiry into the misappropriation of funds of millions.

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