Bushra Begum displeased with food quality at Lahore Panagah

“Behind every successful man, there’s his wife”, Bushara Begum.

LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife, Bushra Bibi expressed displeasure over the quality of food served at a Lahore panagah (shelter home) during a surprise visit.

After her visit, Imran Khan’s official Instagram shared two posts on his wife’s sudden visit to the panagah.

Imran Khan’s Instagram post read: “Bushra begum paying a surprise visit to see if the needy in Panah Gah are being looked after . The staff , the cleanliness and the arrangements were good but she was not happy with the quality of food. We will now ensure the quality of food is improved.”

Addressing reporters during the visit, the First Lady said: “Behind every successful man, there’s his wife” after she was asked about her contributions to her husband’s achievements.

Bushra Begum said that seeing the Lahore shelter “this time … made me very happy”.

The First Lady was accompanied by her close friend, Farhat Shehzadi, also known as Farah Khan.

Mingling with the residents, Bushra Begum asked them about their problems and subsequently directed the relevant authorities to ensure that the arrangements for the needy were improved.

The residents expressed gratitude to the First Lady for visiting them.

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