Brother turns out to be murderer of three siblings in Quetta car firing incident

QUETTA: The Quetta car firing incident had a drop scene as the brother turned out to be the murderer of his three siblings over personal and property disputes.

According to the details, Police solved the mystery of the killings of three sons of a renowned doctor in a car firing incident in Quetta yesterday.

Police claimed to have arrested the murderer of three along with the object used in the attack.

The accused confessed to killing his siblings over personal differences and property disputes.

The accused had opened fire on the vehicle in which his three brothers were killed.

Police said that a survivor namely Asfand – an employee – described the murder scene before the investigators which helped the police to arrest the murderer.

Asfand got wounded in the gun attack but survived the firing after faking his death on the crime scene by closing his eyes.

On Monday, three brothers including a 10-year-old boy were killed in firing by unknown armed men near Railway Colony in Quetta.

The incident took place near Railway Colony in Quetta where unknown persons opened fire on a car, as a result of which three people died on the spot.

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