Broadsheet CEO accuses Nawaz Sharif of bribery

LONDON: In a startling development, Kaveh Moussavi, the CEO of Broadsheet claimed that Nawaz Sharif offered him a bribe for not investigating his properties via someone who claimed to be a nephew of the former premier.

In an interview, Moussavi said: “Sharif family has assets not only in the United Kingdom, but across the globe.”

Previously, The Pakistan Daily had reported that Nawaz Sharif said he had been exonerated after the courts in London ordered the National Accountability Bureau to pay $28.7 million in arrears.

Criticising the former premier, Moussavi said that Broadsheet did not exonerate Nawaz Sharif and in fact had done quite the opposite.

Moussavi further stated that he had rejected the bribe saying: “We don’t negotiate with crooks.”

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