British spy David S arrested in Berlin, accused of spying for Russia

BERLIN: Briton David S, who worked in the United Kingdom’s embassy in Berlin has been arrested after being accused of passing sensitive documents to Russian intelligence “at least once” for an unknown amount of money according to Germany’s federal prosecutors.

David S, 57, was arrested by German officials in Potsdam, a city near Berlin. German officials confirmed that the house and workplace of David S have been searched.

AFP quoted a spokesperson of the German Foreign Ministry saying that “Berlin was taking the case very seriously” and that “spying by a close alliance partner on German soil in unacceptable”.

Sources revealed that the UK cooperated with Germany to arrest David S and that the result was possible after a joint UK-Germany investigation. MI5 also cooperated in the investigation according to sources privy to this matter.

The London Metropolitan Police have also confirmed the arrest of someone they described as a 57 year old British national in Germany.

David S will appear before a German judge on Wednesday.

Berlin has often been referred to as a hub for spies and intelligence operators, especially in the Cold War era.

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