Bristol University says it doesn’t offer Islamic History degree after Imran Khan’s son claim

BRISTOL: The University of Bristol has said it doesn’t offer a degree in Islamic History after several Pakistani digital sites falsely claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s son Kasim Khan has graduated in Islamic History from the University of Bristol.

An investigation by The Pakistan Daily has revealed that neither the University of Bristol nor the University of West England in Bristol offers Islamic History or any course in Islam. These are the two major universities in Bristol and both have denied offering such a course at the graduation level.

The Pakistan Daily reached out to the University of Bristol who confirmed that they did not offer a specific degree in Islamic History.

Screenshot from the University of Bristol website.

The University of Bristol’s Department for Religion and Theology offers BA Religion and Theology, BA Philosophy and Theology and BA Theology and Sociology as well as MArts Religion and Theology with an option to study abroad.

At the postgraduate level, the University of Bristol offers an MA in Religion in Buddhist Studies and Theology and Religious Studies.

On the other hand, the University of West England in Bristol has confirmed that they do not have a Department for Religion and Theology.

Screenshot from The Current

Earlier, several news outlets had claimed that Kasim Khan had graduated in Islamic History from the University of Bristol.

Kasim Khan is Prime Minister Imran Khan’s second son with wealthy heiress Jemima Goldsmith. Khan and Jemima have another son, Sulaiman Khan.

The marriage between Imran Khan and Jemima Goldsmith lasted between 1995 till 2004, after which the couple chose to part ways.

Imran Khan married former BBC presenter Reham Khan but that marriage lasted only 10 months.

Khan then married Bushra Maneka, the former wife of a senior customs official and supporter of PTI, around three years ago.

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