Bobo spends time at home as pandemic alters his high flying lifestyle

LONDON/OSLO: The most famous Pakistani in Norway, Burhan Chisti, also known as Bobo has had to give a break to his high flying celebrity and partying lifestyle due to COVID 19 restrictions.

“Since March I’m spending time in home. Even working from home. I have finished all of Netflix but I miss hanging out with my friends,” Bobo told The Pakistan Daily.

Bobo, who won the award for the most inspirational person in Norway in 2017 is a renowned philanthropist and is widely known for his friendships with Bollywood celebrities Salman Khan and Guru Randhawa.

Despite being wheel chair bound, Bobo has been able to become an inspiration for not only Norwegians, but also people across the world including Pakistan, the country where his family hails from.

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Bobo said: “To all my fans, please take COVID-19 seriously. Even I am included in this. Thank God we are safe but we are praying for everyone who suffered from this virus.

“The main problem these days is that people don’t follow the SOPs. For everyone’s health, please stay home, stay safe.”

Bobo usually travelled around the world multiple times a year, promoting events and attending venues as a special guest. The lockdown has impacted Bobo’s high flying celebrity life but he said that he was focusing on the positive side of staying at home.

“Before I used to travel very frequently and even when I was in Norway, I used to stay out till late but now, because of the pandemic, I am staying at home and spending time with my family. My wife and family are relieved that I get to spend more time with him.”

Heartthrob Bobo with the love of his life, Fouzia. Souce: Bobo

Expressing a desire to visit the UK as soon the situation allowed, Bobo said that he missed the lamb chops served by Tayyab’s, a famous Indo-Pak restaurant in East London.

In 2020, Bobo hosted a star studded birthday at Tayyab’s with guests from all over the world gathering to wish the Norwegian celebrity on his special day.

When asked about how Brexit would impact his frequent visits to London, Bobo said that he didn’t care much about politics, and whenever he wanted to come to London, he would fly there like old times once the pandemic was under control.

Norwegian celebrity Burhan Chisti affectionately known as Bobo advised his fans to follow COVID-19 SOPs amid the discovery of a new, more transmittable strain.

Bobo is also involved in charity work, particularly, Salman Khan’s charity, Being Human’s Norway chapter, with Bobo playing an important role in philanthropy.

Describing how he was able to make close personal relationships with celebrities across the world, Bobo said: “Just be yourself, and you can do anything. I have the same personality with everyone, whether they’re celebrities or not.”

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