Binance: Waqar Zaka slams fake news alleging he is banned from crypto platform

ISLAMABAD: Crypto enthusiast Waqar Zaka has slammed fake news alleging that he got banned from Binance, one of the largest crypto trading platforms in the world.

In a news story published by, Waqar Zaka was accused of running a scam and causing losses to the people who invested based on his advice.

It emerged that had no affiliation with Binance, the crypto trading platform.

However, the news website is not affiliated with Binance which can be confirmed from Binance’s real website.

No such post about Waqar Zaka can be seen on Binance’s own blog.

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Waqar Zaka rejected the fake story and asked people to use common sense whilst deciphering the story.

“There might be some Indian involvement since it is being claimed that my account has been banned by Binance, however, I have shown live that my account is still working,” Waqar Zaka told The Pakistan Daily.



Posted by Waqar Zaka on Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Zaka who went to court to get cryptocurrency legalised in Pakistan and won the case has hinted towards Indian influence into the campaign against him and Tenup, Pakistan’s first cryptocurrency.

“Tenup is almost $1 now and the NED students who created this currency have pitched it to the State Bank of Pakistan as well. However, this fake news came out at this crucial time, drawing suspicions,” Waqar Zaka said.

Ibtesham Ahmed, who is one of the creators of Tenup graduated from NED University explained that Tenup is a Proof of Stake Blockchain which means that a person can mine and/or validate block transactions according to how many coins they hold, the implication being that the more coins a miner owns, the more mining power they possess.

Tenup has a market cap of over $22 million which is more than many companies listed on Pakistan’s stock exchange.

Tenup has a market cap of over $22 million.

“Dash introduced Proof Stake Blockchain, Tenup is the third cryptocurrency in this regard,” Ahmed explained, stating the fundamentals of the Pakistani cryptocurrency.

Expressing dismay at the false allegations against Tenup, Ahmed told The Pakistan Daily, “A scam coin will not be listed on Coin Market Cap and will not be traded on exchanges. CMC will list you only when you fulfilled their requirements and you can see the requirements on their request page. A scam coin can not be traded on exchanges because every exchange needs coin holders information, team information, white paper, opensource code, explorer etc and Tenup has provided everything. Right now Tenup is trading on four exchanges StakeCube, Stex, Uniswap and on OKeX so calling Tenup a scam its a joke for me and for those who know crypto.”

Whilst completing a master’s degree in Germany, Ahmed continues to work on tenup as a Blockchain developer alongside Waqar Zaka and other Pakistani crypto enthusiasts.

Ibtesham Ahmed, blockchain developer

“We have everything even we just did the audit from the best Audit firm named CERTIK. I’ll share their preliminary report with people as well and in which they mentioned that everything is correct and soon they will certify us on CMC with a certik badge,” Ahmed said.

Tenup is also going to launch Pakistan’s first NFT marketplace before the T20 world cup which has already been mentioned by ace cricketer Shoaib Akhtar.

The launch will feature Pakistan Screen awards 2021 on 5th November in Dubai, launching the biggest NFT market place and gaming platforms designed by Pakistani engineers.

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