Bilawal Bhutto opposes ban on political parties

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has reiterated that he opposes moves to ban any political party. But he stressed that a political party should have the desire to remain a political party.

“As far as the question regarding restrictions on parties is concerned, in principle no political party should be banned,” he told reporters outside his chamber in the Parliament House.

“I oppose it, but the political party must also have the desire to remain a political party,” he said.

He was responding to a query pertaining to a possible ban on the PTI. The ruling alliance was mulling banning the Imran Khan-led party over violent protests of May 9 following the former prime minister’s arrest.

“If that political party itself wants to become a militant organisation and is not ready to distance itself from the May 9 incidents [so] whatever I want is irrelevant then the law will have to take its course,” said Bilawal.

When asked if the PPP chairman considers PTI a political party, Bilawal said that PTI has the potential to become a political party. “I think that the action of May 9 should have never happened. Till today, the focus is on the Corps Commander and GHQ regarding these attacks. When the details will come before our nation that how coordinated attacks on our military installations were carried out, I think no Pakistani can do that. Every Pakistani will want that law should take its course and we should not allow this precedent to become a precedent.”

Bilawal, who is the foreign minister, went on to add that political parties do politics in Parliament. “Political parties do not use stones, sticks and guns against the state.”

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