Bilawal Bhutto lashes out at PM Khan, demands resignation

KARACHI: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari lashed out at Prime Minister Imran Khan, calling the PTI government a “joke” with the people of Pakistan.

Addressing the attendees at the stone laying ceremony of Malir Expressway in Karachi, Bilawal criticised the premier for his remarks of his administration being ‘in training’ for the first year of PTI’s government.

“This is a joke with the people of the country,” Bilawal said. “Where did the ’22-year struggle’, we so often heard about, went? What was he doing in KP for last seven years if he wasn’t preparing [for the Centre]?” he asked, referring to the premier.

Criticizing the Prime Minister, Bilawal said Imran had promised to “eradicate corruption” in his first 90 days and end the country’s difficulties within 100 days. “He [Imran Khan] has only one answer to solve people’s issues,” Bilawal said. “He says ‘what can I do?”

“What should we tell the people who were committing suicides due to hunger? What should we tell the people who can’t even afford a meal let alone a roof over their head,” Bilawal asked.

He further added: “When Kashmir was attacked, the PM said ‘what can I do?’ People are suffering from extreme poverty and inflation, and the premier continues to say ‘what can I do’.”

“Prime Minister sahib, if you don’t have the solution to the people’s problems, then your only recourse is to resign and go home.”

“It is unfortunate that Pakistan is lacking behind GDP Afghanistan and Bangladesh when compared with Afghanistan and Bangladesh and are ahead of them in terms of inflation,” Bilawal said, adding that “He [Imran Khan] does not have the competency to use the country’s resources”.

He noted that the Centre wasn’t transferring necessary resources to the provinces but they would not sit idle and continue working for public welfare and development through initiatives like public-private partnership.

“The day provinces demand accountability from you, you will have nothing left, you have to move forward together with the provinces,” he remarked.

Amid the rumours about differences within the opposition alliance’s ranks, PPP chairman negated the impression, saying that all PPP MPAs and MNAs have already submitted their resignations to him.

“I know how each and every member is being pressurised to retract their decisions. Do not treat my people like this,” he said. “I know who is doing this, so don’t compel me to expose you.”

“You cannot blackmail civil servants,” he said.

Bilawal warned that “the way Imran’s government has deserted the people, if the situation continues in these difficult circumstances then the nation’s irk and passions will grow out of control.”

Elaborating on the project, Mr Bhutto-Zardari said: “We have laid the foundation of another mega project for Karachi, which will benefit the port city’s businessmen and people.”

Malir Expressway that will begin from Jam Sadiq Bridge Zero Point and end at Kathore Bridge will be built with an estimated cost of Rs27billion rupees and facilitate commuting between DHA Phase-VIII and Phase-IX within 20 minutes.

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