Being Over-conscious (Opinion)

The way we do many things in our daily life depends on our determination, thinking, and deep concern. In daily life routines, we make decisions and set our goals by making so many plans. And doing such leave an impact on the advantages and disadvantages of our plan.

A person who built a project or plan is very concerned about his/her decision. Sometimes these decisions honour the decision maker and sometimes cause deformation. It is fear of society that makes our decisions full of over-consciousness.

Making plans and doing so much research on these plans is better but to some extent. As we observe many people in our lives who are not much concerned about their decisions and this thing gives them the power to do practical work or we can say it a risk-bearing people. On the other hand, those people who are concerned about their decisions, can’t do many things practically. They can just achieve their goals on the drawing board. Making decisions and showing some results is far better than just imagining.

A mentally strong person can achieve so many more good outcomes than a cowardly person. Life is full of challenges and in these challenges, we must deliver our best physically and mentally. We must learn the habit of consciousness is the first lesson of our plan, but being over-conscious is not a good habit.

When a person draws a plan and thinks about its outcomes, he may think of failure. Fear of failure leaves a person on the path of doing nothing but screening his plan. Such a type of person may get some positive results but that would not be an achievement. We must make a plan for our future. we must overview our plan then it must be applied.

In doing practical work we have to tolerate the hurdles of this way. Being conscious is good but being over-conscious is not a good one.

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