Bahria Town protecting Director Maira Iftikhar after assault on overseas Pakistanis

LAHORE: Bahria Town Director Maira Iftikhar is currently being protected by Punjab Police on the behest of Malik Riaz after assaulting two overseas Pakistani women in Bahria Town, Lahore.

Alongside two armed guards, Maira was seen abusing and beating the women with whom she had a minor argument whilst seated in her car.

Unable to restrain herself, Maira ventured out of her car, instructing her guards to follow suit who went on to hit the victims who have now been identified as Aqsa and Fizza.

Taking to social media, Aqsa and Fizza narrated their ordeal over how a minor argument led to a full blown assault by Maira Iftikhar and armed guards provided by Malik Riaz’s team.

After the incident, Police claimed that the matter had been resolved, however, sources revealed to The Pakistan Daily that Malik Riaz has forbidden any legal action against his employees in Pakistan.

The incident has caused shame to Pakistan according to several social media users as the overseas Pakistanis will narrate this incident to their friends and colleagues abroad.

Malik Riaz himself has been accused of bribing Imran Khan for control of the £190 million fine by the UK’s National Crime Agency.

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