Ayyan Ali buys Rolls Royce, shows off on Instagram

Pakistani superstar Ayyan Ali has stunned her fans after she revealed that she bought a brand new Rolls Royce car.

Taking to Instagram, the former model turned singer shared a picture of a stunning grey Rolls Royce with her dog, Grammy present inside.

She wrote: “Since childhood I always wished to own a Rolls Royce ?MashaAllah Alhamdullillah here I m today ownin one ? Alhamdullillah ALLAH Almighty for what I was what I m & what I will be … I know it’s all gonna be only better and better for my this life & after life InshaAllah Ameen Ya Rabil Aalameen.”

#MomentsOfBeingGrateful ???✨ with my one & only beloved chota ? @grammyworld ☺️?? Only ALLAH Almighty has the power to give or take anythin my friends MashaAllah Alhamdullillah … humans or anythin else doesn’t matter … don’t even bother waistin a second about it ?? … who says dreams don’t come true if ones neeyat & heart is clean & someone is hard workin ALLAH Almighty grants everythin one can possibly imagine in her or his mind “.

This raised curiosity about the sources of her funds since she has not done any major project since several years now.

In 2015, she was caught with over $500,000 in undeclared cash whilst trying to board a flight to Dubai.

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