“Aye haye Khusra”, Iman Ali shares her insecurities about her looks

One of Pakistan’s leading models, Iman Ali has shared her insecurities about her looks whilst appearing as a guest with talkshow host Vasay Chaudhry.

“People tell me I’m good-looking, but when I stand in front of the mirror I feel everyone is lying,” Iman said, stating that she couldn’t even take pictures of herself because she thought she didn’t look nice.

Iman Ali with beau Babar Bhatti

“I can’t even take pictures of myself. Whatever angle I try, I think ‘aye haye, khusra’. People should try to understand that not everyone is supposed to love themselves like I don’t like the way I am, which is why I don’t take selfies and am not very active on Instagram,” the beauty queen said.

Iman Ali recently tied the knot with a handsome young man who goes by the name of Babar Bhatti. Speaking on her marriage, she said: “I was really scared of marriage. People who are from broken homes are generally afraid of marriage. But it’s a lot of fun actually. We get to travel; it’s like a picnic that takes place every day, Netflix, and chill. Babar, me and Netflix.”

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