Audio Leaks: Khan instructed team not to name America

ISLAMABAD: Another audio of PTI leaders allegedly discussing the alleged US cypher has been leaked online in which Imran Khan instructed his team not to name America.

In the audio, the then-prime minister Imran Khan, ex-minister Asad Umar and the then-principle secretary Azam Khan could be heard discussing the US cypher in a meeting.

“Shah jee, we have to hold the meeting tomorrow, the three of us and the foreign secretary,” said Imran.

In that meeting, we’ll have to demand that we should be given minutes about the letter, said Imran.

“Azam has been saying that we make minutes of that meeting and keep the copies of it,” he said.

The cypher came on the 8th or 9th, said Azam Khan.

But the meeting took place on the 7th, but we are not going to take Americans’ names. Not in any condition, he emphasized.

No one at any cost should take the name of the country from this letter has come from, he said “It’s very important for all of you, I don’t want to hear from anyone’s mouth from which country this letter came from,” said Imran Khan.

Are you deliberately calling this a letter, Asad Umar asks Imran. Because this is not, it’s a transcript of a meeting, Umar added.

Transcript or letter, they are the same thing, people won’t understand transcript, this is how you say in public rallies, the former PM said.

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