Asad Umar left embarassed after trying to take credit for Pakistan’s vaccine import

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Minister for Planning, Asad Umar was left deeply embarrassed after he tried to take credit for importing 17 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines doses.

In a self congratulatory tweet, Asad Umar wrote: “Good news on covid vaccine front. Recieved letter from Covax of indicative supply of up to 17 million doses of AstraZeneca in 1st half 2021. About 6 million will be recieved by March with delivery starting in Feb. We signed with Covax nearly 8 months back to ensure availability.”

Asad Umar’s tweet showed that he had signed a deal with Covax and was responsible for importing the vaccines, however, Asad Umar was left humiliated after Dr Christian Turner, the UK’s High Commissioner in Pakistan tweeted Asad Umar and confirmed that it was actually the UK which was responsible for sending this vaccine to Pakistan.

Dr Christian Turner wrote: “Great news (Pakistan) will receive 17m @UniofOxford@AstraZeneca vaccine doses from #COVAX. Proud that (the UK’s) £548m contribution to COVAX is helping Pakistan stop #COVID#UKPakDosti@fslsltn@developmentPK.”

This is not the first time Asad Umar has made exaggerated claims. Previously, he had said that if PTI failed to solve the problems in one year, he would resign.

Commenting on the development, Mudassir Hussain, a journalist from Khyber Tv wrote: “Turner jee… Thanks for telling the ppl that Vaccine is being provided with UK-Aid otherwise , Pakistani Govt would have used it for cheap political gains.”

Mohtarma Reham Khan, who had earlier offered gratitude to Dr Christian Turner also pointed out how Asad Umar was trying to take credit for importing vaccines for Pakistan.

“It’s unfortunate that some ministers like to take credit for things they haven’t done. This is what happens when there are no real achievements to brag about,” the former BBC journalist said.

Appreciating the timely help by the UK, Reham Khan said: “It is a very generous gesture but the UK government seeing as they are dealing with a huge crisis at the moment in their own country. Despite the death toll crowding a 100,000 the UK has not forgotten Pakistanis is highly appreciated.”

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