Asad Toor rejects Gul Bukhari’s “conspiracy theory” regarding his attack

ISLAMABAD: Journalist and court reporter Asad Toor has rejected a “conspiracy theory” by Gul Bukhari that suggested that anchor Imran Riaz Khan was behind the attack in his flat in Islamabad.

In a YouTube video, Gul Bukhari, who has also faced a kidnapping claimed that anchor Imran Riaz Khan along with a colonel friend from Military Intelligence facilitated this attack on Toor. She further claimed that one of the staff of Imran Riaz Khan was also involved in the attack.

According to Gul Bukhari, anchor Imran Riaz Khan was angry at Asad Toor because of the nickname “Geela Teetar” which translates to “Wet Partridge” used by him in one of his Vlogs. The nickname has been used against Imran Riaz Khan after he allegedly exceeded the limit for hunting partridges and claimed that he had put some wet partridges to show off to some friends in the US.

Asad Ali Toor took to Twitter to reject this conspiracy theory put forward by Gul Bukhari. Regarding Bukhari’s story, Toor wrote: “That story is completely false and just a propaganda to weaken my case. Police is still investigating my story and I’m waiting for their conclusion, meanwhile all other theories making rounds on social media are just a “service” to my assailants to protect them and bail them out!”

This led to a war of words between Asad Ali Toor and Gul Bukhari, both of whom have been victims of attacks by unidentified men. Gul Bukhari strongly responded to Toor, saying that she wasn’t in the propaganda business.

“Asad, I am not in the propaganda business. And you should have had more ethics than to call my story a “service” to your assailants. If you don’t even know who attacked you, how did you call this completely false? On what basis? And what is your case exactly?” Gul Bukhari responded to Asad Toor’s tweet.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has claimed that the authorities are close to capturing one of the suspects involved in the attack on Asad Toor.

“I think that if we are successful in reaching these culprits, all those who blame our agencies will be silenced,” Sheikh Rasheed said.

Earlier, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had clarified that it had nothing to do with the attack on Asad Toor in a statement released after high level meeting with the Information Ministry.

On Tuesday, Pakistan People’s Party Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari called on Asad Ali Toor to express solidarity with the tortured journalist who is recovering from his injuries.

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