Artist who drew blasphemous sketches dies in Sweden car crash

STOCKHOLM: Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who stirred worldwide controversy in 2007 with blasphemous sketches of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was killed in a car crash near the southern town of Markaryd on Sunday, police said.

According to the details, Vilks, 75, who had been living under police protection since the drawings were published, was travelling in a police vehicle that collided with a truck. Two police officers were also killed.

“There is nothing else, for now, that indicates that it was something else but a traffic accident,” Persson told a press conference.

Sweden’s top police official, Anders Thornberg, said an investigation would take place, but was expected to take a relatively long time.

Amanda Lind, the country’s culture minister, called it an extremely tragic traffic accident.

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