Annoyed by greedy GF, Hong Konger settles with sex doll girlfriend

HONG KONG: Annoyed by greedy girlfriend, a man in Hong Kong has finally made a sex doll his girlfriend and has been happily living with her for the past two years.

This is not a fictional story but the true story of Xie Tianrong, a 34-year-old Hong Kong man who has been sharing his photos on social media for the past two years with a “doll girlfriend” named “Mochi”.

Tianrong says he made many girlfriends before the “cobbler” but his orders never ceased to exist; sometimes he needed a new and expensive smartphone, sometimes he bought new clothes and a Mac. She used to order your goods.

Shai Tianrong with new gf.

Not only that, but she always demanded his attention and whenever her heart wanted, she interfered in his work.

After experiencing the same thing over and over again with several girlfriends, Tianrong finally decided to be alone, but at the same time, at a local store in Hong Kong, he saw a doll the size of a human, although made of silicone. But she looked like a living girl.

In 2019, Tianrong bought the doll and brought it home with him as his ‘girlfriend’.

That day and today, Tianrong is very happy with his “doll girlfriend” whom he has named “Cobbler”. Because it does not ask for anything from her, nor does it bother her by demanding attention.

Xie with his gf out in the city.

Tianrong himself takes good care of her cleanliness and, like his real girlfriend, takes her out for a walk.

Tianrong says that since the cobbler came into his life, he has begun to feel the happiest man in the world.

In an interview with Apple Daily, a local Hong Kong website, Tianrong said that the “cobbler” is a lifeless doll and he can do whatever he wants with it, but he still Have a respectful relationship with the best girlfriend ever That is, they are just living together like ‘good friends’.

Tianrong admits that there are some problems in making a doll his girlfriend, but these problems have no place in the face of benefits.

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