American Lycetuff’s alleged branch topper was a fake student

LAHORE: A well-known school in Lahore fraudulently advertised a student Abeera Shuja scoring 1079 marks out of 1100 as the student of American Lycetuff ZZR branch’s result.

American Lycetuff ZZR owner Zeeshan Zia Raja claimed that Abeera Shuja belonged to her school branch but the student was actually never enrolled in any of the branches controlled by Zeeshan Zia Raja.

Name of fake student changed from Abeera to Areeba.

The American Lycetuff ZZR, which boasts 39 branches on its website, claimed that a student whose name is Abeera Shuja with a roll number of 109596 was a “Tuffian” who topped the matriculation exams whilst studying at the American Lycetuff ZZR Samanabad Branch Lahore.

However, Abeera’s father, a civil judge in Okara strongly denied that his daughter Abeera ever studied at any branch of the American Lycetuff ZZR and that his daughter’s identity was fraudulently used by the school for their own promotion.

Cheque for Abeera, student not present to receive.

Moreover, the Educators School in Patoki has a result card of Abeera Shuja as their regular student. In various promotional banners, the Chairman of the school system, Ms Zeeshan Zia Raja congratulated the “Tuffians” who achieved success in the matriculation exams featuring Abeera’s name.

A source at the American Lycetuff ZZR confirmed that Ms Raja was aware that the topper student didn’t belong to her school branch yet she capitalized on name of the student through deception to get more students to get admission into her schools.

Pictures of 30,000 Rupees award to the student have also been shared but the name of the student has been changed from Abeera to Areeba in the cheque. The student is also not seen in the picture.

Name changed to Areeba again for alleged plausible deniability.

The Pakistan Daily (TPD) Investigations Desk reached out to Ms Zeeshan Zia Raja who describes herself as the sole owner of the American Lycetuff but she did not respond to multiple requests for comment. She read the messages sent on her Whatsapp but she didn’t respond in four days.

It has been learnt that the school system is going through a bitter ownership dispute between Ms Zeeshan Zia Raja and her ex-husband, Dr Nadeem Kiyani.

Doctor Nadeem Kayani, it has been learnt, was falsely accused by Zeeshan Zia Raja and a media campaign was run against him. He was also arrested by the police and kept in custody but later on cleared of all charges.

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