Ambassador Blome sees US investment reaching new heights in Pakistan

United States Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Blome said the US is the largest export market for Pakistan, and investment from the US into the country is increasing annually.

Speaking at US-Pakistan Innovation Expo in Islamabad, the US envoy told the participants that the top priority of the US government is to boost inclusive economic growth and strengthen the trading and investment ties between the two countries

Mr Blome maintained that there is still room to grow, adding Pakistan is a country with mammoth potential, but it needs to equip with innovation and advanced technology to harness it’s potential.

Meanwhile, Senior Adviser for the Asia Foundation Pakistan Haris Qayyum expressed appreciation for ongoing collaboration with both countries and said the Asia foundation is steadfast to bolster Pakistan’s tech ecosystem with US support as their goal is to support the country’s sustainable development and inclusive growth.

At the expo, a speaker session on venture capital and angel investment was held, led by an American expert. Business leaders and investors from Pakistan, the Middle East, and the US took part in the event to discuss the prospects and obstacles in the Pakistani startup environment.

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