Alyzeh Zoraiz confirms marriage with Malik Riaz’s grandson

LAHORE/DUBAI: Fashion model Alyzeh Gabol has confirmed her marriage with Malik Riaz’s grandson, Zoraiz Malik by changing her name to Alyzeh Zoraiz on Instagram whilst making her account private.

Alyzeh’s new husband Zoraiz Malik is the son of Major (R) Amer Malik who is also the owner of Citi Housing Private Limited.

Sources told The Pakistan Daily that Zoraiz’s family is extremely unhappy with this marriage since Alyzeh is almost a decade older than Zoraiz and has also been married before.

Alyzeh was previously married to Usama Dogar, and also has a daughter with Dogar.

Alyzeh Zoraiz with her first husband, Usama Dogar.

This marriage is also Zoraiz’s second marriage.

After this event, it was rumoured that Zoraiz was removed as CEO Citi Housing and instead, his sister, Maryam Hamza Malik was appointed as the new CEO. Social Media was abuzz with these rumours but the website of Citi Housing still shows Zoraiz Malik as CEO, Citi Housing.

Source: https://www.citihousing.pk/about_us

Zoraiz Malik’s social media has shown that his grandfather Malik Riaz and father Major (R) Amer have spoiled the young man with helicopters, luxury cars and almost unlimited amounts of cash to spend.

Sources privy to Zoraiz’s second marriage claim that his first wife and mother are extremely unhappy with the marriage and have gone so far as to call Alyzeh a gold digger who was after Zoraiz’s money but further developments have shown that Zoraiz has stood by his new wife, Alyzeh Zoraiz.

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