Alyzeh Gabol – Zoraiz Malik: Divorce papers signed

LAHORE/DUBAI: The divorce papers ending the marriage between Zoraiz Malik and Alyzeh Gabol have been signed by Zoraiz Malik while his father, Major (R) Amer Malik, the billionaire owner of Citi Housing has signed as a witness.

Divorce papers of Zoraiz Malik and Alyzeh Gabol. Source: Aasia Amer

The divorce papers dispel the rumours that Alyzeh Gabol had gotten pregnant during the marriage. Earlier, various rumours were circulated across social media that Alyzeh was pregnant with Zoraiz’s child but this claim has been unequivocally rejected by Zoraiz Malik and his family.

“During their marriage, both parties couldn’t have a mental connection,” the divorce papers stated, adding that Alyzeh had a very bad attitude towards her ex in laws and she resorted to blackmailing their business.

“The situation has gotten so bad that it is impossible for both parties to live as husband and wife which is why Zoraiz Malik, in all his senses has given a divorce to Alyzeh Gabol,” the divorce papers read.

The second witness to the divorce is Mohammad Arsalan, a resident of Gujranwala.

Earlier, Alyzeh Gabol had changed her name to Alyzeh Zoraiz on Instagram, confirming her marriage with Zoraiz Malik, the CEO of Citi Housing, one of the largest private housing companies in Pakistan.

Zoraiz is the grandson of Malik Riaz, one of Pakistan’s richest men while Alyzeh is a famous supermodel.

Alyzeh Gabol’s deactivated Instagram

After rumours of her divorce spread, Alyzeh Gabol deactivated her Instagram.

Sources revealed to The Pakistan Daily that Malik Riaz’s daughter and Zoraiz’s mother, was extremely embarrassed at the trangressions of her son and had been planning to end Zoraiz’s second marriage as soon as she heard that Alyzeh Gabol had become her second daughter in law.

Financial pressure was exerted on Zoraiz who is used to a life of luxury including fancy cars and private jets. Sources revealed that Zoraiz’s parents threatened to put an end to his high flying lifestyle if he did not divorce Alyzeh Gabol.

Aasia Amer shared videos of her son signing the divorce papers and her husband signing as a witness to the divorce. However, after a short while Aasia Amer deleted the post, possibly due to backlash from within the family who wanted to keep this matter private.

from Pakistani PhupoPicture taken

Instagram page Pakistani Phupo also deleted the videos, reflecting that their might be some association between Aasia Amer and Pakistani Phupo, given the timing of posting and deleting both videos.

Alyzeh Gabol has not commented on the divorce yet but in an earlier Instagram session with her friends, she expressed irritation over the fact that people were obsessing over her personal life.

Photo from The Mirror

Alyzeh was previously married to Usama Dogar, a Lahori socialite with whom she has a daughter. After her divorce with Dogar, Alyzeh dated boxer Amir Khan according to The Mirror while Amir’s wife Faryaal Makhdoom was pregnant.

Because of Alyzeh’s continuous involvement with married men, she has been termed a “homewrecker” by various people.

Zoraiz was almost a decade junior to Alyzeh and was happily married to his wife with whom he has a child but sources reveal that Alyzeh Gabol wanted Zoraiz to fund her lifestyle which is why she persuaded the young Zoraiz to marry her.

Sources have also revealed that Alyzeh is being allowed to keep all the gifts she has received from Zoraiz including bags, watches, rings and other jewelry, however, a final financial settlement has not been reached as Alyzeh seeks more money from Zoraiz and his family.

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