Allegations of abuse surface against dissident activist Waqas Goraya

LONDON/ROTTERDAM: Allegations of abuse have surfaced against dissident activist Ahmad Waqas Goraya by a retired major of the Pakistani armed forces.

Yesterday, the trial pertaining to a failed murder plot targeting Goraya began in Kingston Magistrates Court where the prosecution apprised the 12 member jury that British national Mohammad Gohir Khan was promised a sum of £80,000 by a handler referred to as “Mudz” to assassinate Goraya.

According to Major (R) Adil Raja, his allegations have nothing to do with the trial and that he is a victim of Goraya’s abusive tirades on Twitter.

In a tweet, Goraya made inappropriate personal remarks against Major (R) Adil Raja, targeting his wife and accusing him of marrying his wife for a British passport.

Speaking to The Pakistan Daily in a telephonic conversation, Major (R) Adil Raja confirmed that he was not a British national and that his wife was younger than him, contrary to Goraya’s remarks.

“Goraya abused my family, I was forced to share a picture of my family because of constant mudslinging. I blocked him because of the inappropriate language Goraya used but he still didn’t refrain from targeting my family,” Raja told this correspondent.

Whilst speaking to The Pakistan Daily, Ahmad Waqas Goraya objected to a previous story published by this correspondent, terming it as “typical ISI propaganda style”.

Goraya asked The Pakistan Daily to edit the previous report, removing the part about the abuse allegations against him but this request was denied.

Major (R) Adil Raja, who had alleged that Goraya abused him also publically criticised the previous report published by The Pakistan Daily on the court case, reflecting that both opposing parties made allegations of bias against this correspondent.

Goraya mentioned the significance of the timing of the allegations stating that it was designed to keep in mind the trial date whilst accusing this correspondent of being a part of a “propaganda machinery”.

Goraya did not respond to Raja’s clarification that he was not a British citizen.

Earlier, Ahmad Waqas Goraya accused journalists in Voice of America (URDU) of being “pimps for ISI” because of their reporting on the trial in London.

Goraya has made similar allegations for writers contributing to Independent Urdu.

The would-be assassin who was tasked to murder Goraya at his home in Rotterdam has confessed to being a part of the plan but has stated that he did not intend to carry out the horrific crime.

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