Ali Amin Gandapur organises Nawaz Sharif’s London Home protest

LONDON/ISLAMABAD: Masked protestors descended outside Avenfield House in Park Lane, chanting slogans against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Most of the protestors wore masks in a bid to hide their identity. They changed slogans against Nawaz Sharif saying ‘Go Nawaz Go’ and held placards condemning the three time prime minister of Pakistan. Some of the placards also said, “We stand with Pak Army”.

Ultimately, police were called to cater to the nuisance, and the protestors fled the scene before police arrived.

Previously, PTI UK arranged several violent protests outside Avenfield House, which resulted in police involvement.

While the PTI UK has denied any involvement in this particular protest outside Avenfield House, sources within the Pakistan High Commission London claim that Ali Amin Gandapur, the Minister for Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan was controlling these protests from Islamabad. The PTI source said Ali Amin Gandapur made calls to the UK to request two people originally from Kotli and Mirpur to stage protests. The PTI source said a businessman from Luton in UK hired the protesters. In a WhatsApp group, a journalist from the UK claimed he knew the protesters and five of them had spent time in prison for selling drugs.

Previously, Ali Amin Gandapur was the subject of controversy when a bottle of Johnny Walker Double Black Label was found in his car during protests. Gandapur fled the scene but later claimed that he stored honey in the whiskey bottle.

The Pakistan Daily has also learnt that a car with a number of FP19 XLB arrived outside Avenfield House and caused a nuisance outside Avenfield House.

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif came to London for medical treatment after serving a part of his prison sentence. Doctors hired by the government as well as the Punjab Health Department confirmed that Nawaz Sharif’s health was at serious risk if he stayed in Pakistan.

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