AJK President urges youth to make national interest their top priority

By our correspondent.

KARACHI: The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President, Sardar Masood Khan has urged the youth of Pakistan to put the interest of the country at the top of their priorities by believing that when the country will prosper, each of them will prosper equally.

“Youth are future of our country and they have abilities to take the country on the path of progress and prosperity. They should keep the flame of hope burning in their hearts. Don’t let your hope turn into despair,” the President said while addressing the students of the famous Narayan Jagannath Vaidya (NJV) Government Higher Secondary School in Karachi.

The event was attended by Nazir Ahmad Tanio, a member of the Board of Directors of the Akhuwat Foundation, Ahmed Bakhsh Narejo, Secretary Education, Government of Sindh and a large number of teachers and students of the school.

He said that our country, Pakistan is a big state with many problems which our youth have to solve by taking charge of the country in future and urged the students to make hard work their second habit and honesty and truth their motto.

He said if our youth inculcate these positive habits in them, no power on the earth can stop them from succeeding. When our youth will be successful the whole of Pakistan and our society will succeed, he maintained.

“If our youth make a pledge to improve their lives and solve the problems facing the state, there is no reason Pakistan cannot be pulled out of the mire of current problems,” Sardar Masood said. He also advised the young students to cultivate the spirit of service to the country not only in them but in others as well.

The President said that they are lucky to have the opportunity to quench their thirst for knowledge in a quality educational institution like Narain Jagannath and urged them to take advantage of this rare opportunity and serve the country and the nation by equipping themselves with the weapons of knowledge, wisdom and awareness.

The AJK President congratulated Amjad Saqib, the founder of Akhuwat Foundation and other officials for the excellent management of an educational institution like Narain Jagannath School.

Later, President Sardar Masood Khan also visited the headquarters of the country’s famous social organization Sailani Welfare Trust where he was welcomed by the chairman of the organization Maulana Bashir Farooqi and members of the senior management of the organization.

Talking on the occasion, the President of Azad Kashmir lauded the Sailani Welfare Trust for its social services through its organizational network across the country and said that the service to the suffering humanity is the greatest devotion and in this regard the Sailani Welfare Trust in the social sector is a role model for other social organizations and individuals.

He said that if Sailani Welfare Trust started its activities in Azad Kashmir, the government of Azad Kashmir would extend full cooperation with it.

He said that Azad Kashmir is a region which is prone to natural calamities where organizations like Tourist Welfare Trust are direly needed. He suggested that the Sailani Welfare Trust should appoint a focal person for Azad Kashmir who in consultation with the Azad Kashmir government should work out a plan of action for the organisation’s activities in the liberated territory.

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