AJK President urges global media to speak up for oppressed Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD: Azad Jammu & Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan on Tuesday called upon the international media, civil society and freedom-loving people around the globe to speak more eloquently against the Indian government’s illegal actions in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

“The steps that India has taken in IIOJK can be termed as a colonization of the territory and brutalization of its people. India invaded Kashmir, bifurcated the territory and annexed it with its federation without the consent of Kashmiris and this was an open war against them,” he asserted.

Addressing two different webinars on Kashmir organized by Pakistan Embassy in Azerbaijan and Pakistan Embassy in Berlin Germany in connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day, the AJK President said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have been fighting for freedom for 200 years, first, against the Dogra regime and then against the successive regimes of the Indian state.

He said that occupied Kashmir is the only territory across the world where state terrorism is being perpetrated systematically, and 900,000 alien troops are not only eliminating the defenseless people, but also destroying everything including homes, fields, and orchards etc. “This scorched earth policy being practised by BJP-RSS regime in India”.

He pledged that one day we will bring the Indian fanatic rulers to justice for the crimes being committed against humanity, and will expose their ugly face before the world,” he vowed.

The state president said that global media, civil society, countries and the societies believing in human rights should support the legitimate, just and comprehensible demand of the right of freedom and right of self-determination of the Kashmiri people.

Sardar Masood Khan warned that if India continued to suppress the voice of defenceless Kashmiri people, a war can break out between two big powers of the region, Pakistan and India, and this war would culminate in a nuclear clash thereby adversely affecting the entire world. Therefore, the international community should intervene and play its role in resolving the Kashmir issue through peaceful political and diplomatic means.

“We demand India to withdraw its troops from occupied Jammu and Kashmir, release all political prisoners including Yasin Malik, Shabbir Ahmed Shah and Asiya Andrabi, cease human rights trampling in the held territory, stop attempts of change of demography of the disputed territory, and grant right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people in the light of the relevant UN resolutions.

The AJK president said that the people of Pakistan and Azerbaijan are intertwined through the strong bonds of love and fraternity, and through the OIC’s platform, Azerbaijan has always publicly supported Pakistan’s stand and the right of self-determination of the Kashmiri people.

Throwing light on the significance of the day of February 5, he said that this day marks solidarity of the whole international community with the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The webinar was also addressed among others by Pakistan Ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilalji, Azerbaijan MP Ganira Alasgar qizi Pashayeva, human rights activist Malik Nadeem Abid, and Mashal Hussain Malik.

Addressing webinar organized by Pakistan Embassy in Berlin, Sardar Masood Khan Kashmir Solidarity Day to express solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir by hundreds of cities across the world has become global phenomena.

“This demonstrates that the people of Kashmir are not isolated and the world supports their right to self-determination. I pay tribute to the diplomatic corps of Pakistan, the diaspora community and the international civil societies for expressing this support for the rights of the Kashmiris,” he said.

He said we will spare no effort in achieving the liberty of the Kashmiri people. The situation in IOJK is horrendous. There is no example of such barbarity witnesses in the 21st century. Kashmiris are being murdered, maimed, women are sexually harassed and their businesses have been destroyed.

“This is ethnic cleansing and war crimes. This is akin to what took place during the genocides in the Balkans,” Khan said. He said that the German people have seen firsthand the horrors of war. Germany can fully understand our predicament and they can help raise the voice and reverse the repression seen in IOJK.

The State President Praised Chancellor of Germany Angela Dorothea Merkel for raising voice for the Kashmiris. We seek the support of the German Parliamentarians, German human rights organizations and civil society to stop Indian brutalities gross violation of human rights in IOJK. Let there be a Friend’s of Kashmir group in the German parliament, Masood Khan added. 

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