Abrar ul Haq to fulfil Ali Sadpara’s dream

SKARDU: Pakistan’s most thrilling pop and folk singer, Abrar ul Haq, said on Monday he would build a school in the village of Ali Sadpara, a Pakistani climber who went missing on the world’s second-highest mountain, K2, on February 5.

The three climbers including Muhammad Ali Sadpara, 45, of Pakistan, John Snorri, 47, of Iceland, and Juan Pablo Mohr, 33, of Chile, lost contact with the base camp on Friday as they pushed winter summit of the 8,611-metres (28,250ft) high K2 mountain.

“I have just heard the news that Muhammad Ali Sadpara wanted to build a school in his village after his mission,” Abrar wrote, adding, “Therefore we have decided to fulfill his dream and Inshahallah a school will be built in the village of our hero in his memory.”

He shared a picture of Sadpara on one of his mountaineering expeditions along with the tweet.

Abdullah Zahid

Abdullah Zahid is TPD's correspondent in Karachi. He reports on Pakistani political affairs.

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