A Meaningful Women’s Day (Opinion)

What a wonderful creature a woman is! A miracle in herself.. a true blessing.. a beauty with a fragile heart and a strong mind.

From birth to death, her life has always been in a constant state of change, but whatever may come, she will always be the one who adapts to change first. She is fully prepared to pace with the twirling circumstances. A roller coaster of events that happen to her daily, and still she overcomes every hurdle with a smile on her face. The one who lives hundreds of lives in different roles and plays all her parts responsibly. The one who doesn’t live for herself but for her loved ones. 

Raising above all the stereotypes, she has managed to reach where she is standing today. From birth to getting married, giving birth to raising children, doing domestic tasks to running a business, she always moulds herself just to give her best. She has always been on the frontline to make your daily life work smoothly, but, still, you call her a burden, despite the fact that she adds beauty to your world. You call her weak, yet she is the strongest among all.
It has never been easier for her too. She deserves her own recognition. Her dedicated work and all her efforts need appreciation. 
Let’s celebrate this women’s day by acknowledging all the women out there for their achievements and sacrifices, by respecting their opinions and by raising their voice for their due rights. Let’s empower every single girl around us by letting her know her rights, as this is the only way to make this day meaningful.

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