A challenge for sovereignty of Taiwan (Opinion)

America and China have already malice on the basis of economics and power because everyone wants to be more powerful than other.

Currently, the ‘one China policy’ has created more concerns about the annexation of Taiwan into China but China’s this policy is not only an unacceptable decision for the world but also a violation of the charter of the United Nations.

America is openly supporting Taiwan and similarly the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan despite of warnings expressed Chinese government. Since then China is angrily warning America not to support Taiwan in this issue because China treats Taiwan as its part and feels this problem as domestic.

Taiwan is recognised as an independent country by many countries of the world and even these are supporters of Taiwan regarding this issue. America is seen to support Taiwan for the self-defence of Taiwan as an engaged coalition. However, America has always been the snake in the grass in world’s history.

No one can trust on America because America’s the ‘War on terror’ policy can be seen in Afghanistan where it launched not only ‘War on terror’ but different policies to fuel a war because American forces came in Afghanistan to kill the master mind leader of Al Qaeda-Who had launched the 9/11 attack in which US twin towers were attacked by 19 attackers on hijacked plans-Usama bin Laden in 2001 and with the passage of time CIA ( Central intelligence Agency)-the secret intelligence of America-killed  Usama bin Laden in Abotabad, Pakistan in 2011. Here multiple questions raise that America having killed Usama bin Laden, why did not recall NATO from Afghanistan? If America says there were militants of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan thats why, then why those militants did not ever attack the NATO forces?

Which had gon there to fight against Al Qaeda. America might show the 2009 attack as on NATO’s headquarters; If the suicide bomber of August 9, 2009 was to destroy the NATO’s headquarters in Kabul, then why did he detonate himself far from the headquarters and killed civilians only? These all are the questions which raise over the American policies which America launched them in Afghanistan in past in the name of counter terrorism.

Currently, whatever is happening, begun from American policies in Afghanistan. America called back its military from Afghanistan after Taliban came in power in Afghanistan. Today Afghanistan is on fire but America sleeps on the bed of roses and a comfort life. Similarly, Chinese military movement toward Taiwan’s border and sea spaces is expected of the beginning of war.

Apparently, Taiwan cannot face the Chinese state by military power because China is one of the most powerful countries in the world. America wants this war to begin and when it starts America will take a side and stop political and diplomatic support of Taiwan as it did in Afghanistan, because America wants itself to be superior economically, politically, culturally and diplomatically to China.

When the war takes place, China will use powers and its nuclear weapons so China will collapse by economically and America will become the most super power. This is what America wants for. America always thinks of it, no matter how many people will be killed there if war begins. However, America must glance its past so-called peace based activities and do something different regarding the “One china policy.” 

Verily, one thing is appear that America is not going to be believed as steadfast to solve this issue anymore because when the president Joe Biden was asked in a CBS 60 minutes interview broadcast on Sunday whether US forces would defend the democratically governed island claimed by China, he replied: “Yes, if in fact, there was an unprecedented attack.” It means US forces will launch more chaos circumstances and uncertainty for Taiwan as American forces already have done not only in Afghanistan as discussed above but also in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. Where its ceremonial war support is like fuel for there people.

The other super power except America like: Japan, France, Canada, Russia, India, Germany and United Kingdom must work to assure China not to intend and take steps to annex the self-ruled Taiwan because it is nothing more than a daydreaming for China. United Nations must reject the “One China policy” and declare this intention of China as the violation of the charter of United Nations so that China cannot take illegal actions toward self-ruled Taiwan. If by then China sifts regarding Taiwan than United Nations must warn it to remove it from UN list.

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