7 year old child labourer raped and killed in Khairpur

By Meerum Awan.

Seven-year-old, Momina Larik, was kidnapped, raped, and killed in Pir Jo Goth City in Khairpur Village in Sindh.

The police confirmed that she was kidnapped when she was on her way home from work and been missing for two days.

The Khairpur SSP, Ameer Saud Magsi confirmed that the autopsy report gave clear indications that she was raped before being murdered.

While speaking to a media outlet he said, “The SHO rushed to the spot and collected evidence from the scene after the crime was reported,”

The police arrested two suspects and their DNA samples were being sent for examination,”

The Sindh CM’s aide Nawab Wasan also told the media that he will ensure that the police officials bring the culprits to justice.

The incident has created panic among the community and people on social media are also demanding justice for Momina Larik.

The number of child abuse cases has been rising in the country. While people do raise questions, but the victims still hardly ever get justice.

The victims of the family have appealed for justice from the police and the Sindh government.

People on social media have been using the hashtag #justiceformominalarik and demanding that culprits’ punishments should be exemplary. Many have expressed grief over this sad reality of our society.

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