7 things to do in Karachi for under 500 rupees

(By Aijaz Hussain)

Karachi is as diverse a city as any. It is known as one of the cheapest city in the world, in terms of the prices of goods and services available here. But since rising inflation, some of the matter has got out of the hands of the citizens, especially in terms of the activities they once used to do whilst hanging on to a tight budget. But we have got you covered in this feature. These are seven activities you can do in under 500 Rs to have fun in Karachi.

PAF Museum

PAF Musuem. Source: TripAdvisor

PAF Museum is located at the Shahrah e Faisal in Karachi. It is managed by the PAF and is thus one of the finest and most well-maintained recreational spots in the city. There are lush green parks on either side when you enter through the main gate, where you can easily settle for a nice picnic with the family.

If that is not fun enough, you can just venture your way forward into its own amusement park, where some of the rides may provide you with the thrill you have been longing for. There is a food court for people who mey get hungry after a good time in the park, where you can delve into your favorite street food which is, not to mention, easy on the pocket.

The state-of-the-art museum is the last major attraction in this place, where you can learn about the history of some of the vintage aircraft that are at display. The history might be too much for some people, so they can still view these aircraft as the PAF has installed an array of these out in the fields as well. A day at the PAF Museum may cost you somewhere around 350-450 Rs, which will include 2 to 3 rides, a refreshing meal, and the price of the entrance ticket as well. 

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach. Source: Discovery air.

Normally people would not recommend you to ‘hit the beach’ in Karachi because of the supposedly lack of cleanliness and an overall polluted feel in the air over there, but there is more to bathing in the sea water at the Clifton beach. If you are low on cash as less as something between 300 to 400 Rs, you can still have a fun-filled evening at Seaview Karachi.

Based on your preference, you can start off by getting a camel or a horse ride. Most of the vendors may charge you somewhere around 100 or a 150 for one round but you can bargain your way through to a lesser price as well. Then comes the better part; recently quad bike rides have been introduced on the sandy shores of the Clifton beach.

And it is something which does guarantee a fair amount of entertainment. Last but not the least, and although Seaview Karachi might have lost its charm over the years, the sunsets still have a lot to offer in terms of serenity and peace here. And yes, do not forget to eat the paapars!

Get spell bounded by wonderful on-stage performances

Source: Arts Council Karachi.

If roaming around parks and visiting beaches is not your cup of tea, then maybe resting in your seat while enjoying brilliant on-stage performances might be an experience which you may be looking for.

Places like the Art Council, the PACC and the Thespianz theatre host many theatrical dramas which have brilliant narratives and are brought to life by the stellar acting skills of the cast involved.

Shows that have a ticket price less than 500 Rs might mostly be plays organized by the Art societies of different educational institutes but don’t get carried away by the lack of stardom involved, because some of these plays can really prove be a bang for your buck.

You can follow the social media pages of these places or contact the management to know about all the upcoming performances scheduled to take place over there.

Sindbad Wonderland, Dolmen Mall Tariq Road

Source: Sindbad Wonderland

Upon hearing the name of this place, you might think that it’s somewhere where you would take your kids to, but there is a fair amount of stuff that you can indulge in as an adult over here as well. Located inside the Dolmen Mall at Tariq road, Sindbad is an indoor amusement center.

While it is a complete paradise for children, there are activities like air hockey, the dead man’s cove which is a pirate themed-shooting gallery, the basketball alley and the hammer pump which ensure that the adults can also have a good time. So how do you get into the thick of things?

It is simple. Get yourself the fun card from the desk which might cost around 100 or 150 Rs, ask the guy to get you a balance of the remaining money left from the 500 you have, and then enjoy the games until your balance comes to an end!

The Askari Islands of fun

Source: Askari Islands of Fun.

The recently constructed Askari Islands of fun is the latest installment in the series of recreational spots being made for Karachiites to take a break from the stresses of life and ultimately, enjoy themselves.

After an unfortunate event in the start which resulted in its temporary closure, it’s up and running again after the management detected the major faults in that particular ride and did a close inspection of the other ones in the lot. Located inside the Askari Park, at the University road, the Askari Islands of fun has an uncountable number of outdoor activities, ranging from as low as 60 Rs to 300.

And that is not all, there is an Indoor Arcade room as well, with the activities being a bit child centric in this area. So, you can guess how much there is to offer if you feel like having a worth day out in under 500 Rs at the Askari Islands of fun.

Bounce Karachi

Source: Acup of Karachi

Bounce Karachi was the talk of the town for a while since its inception. It is Pakistan’s first ever indoor trampoline park. The best bit about this place is its distinct concept which had and is still making people rally its spaces.

There are a number of activities for every age group which includes a Free jump area, Basketball, Foam pit arena and Dodge ball; all activities to be enjoyed while being in the air for over half of the time! You will have to pay up 500 Rs to avail these activities or you can save 50 Rs if you choose one of the days from Monday to Thursday to go there.

All you can eat!

Burns Road Karachi. Source: Daily Times

Perhaps the best form of recreation for Karachiites is having belated conversations about their lives over a dinner table which is about to served with mouth-watering and delicious food.

It is amazing what and how much you can eat with a budget of 500 Rs in Pakistan’s largest metropolitan city. And it is not only one specific place which delivers you this promise. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that a 500 Rs budget can also guarantee you a 3-time meal.

The best places you can go to and indulge in cheap, but quality food are Burns road, the food street in Block H of North Nazimabad, Hussainabad where there are multiple options to satisfy your taste buds. If you are a fan of authentic juicy and tantalizing afghani boti, then you can head over to this Afghan hotel by the name of Al Harmain at the Al-Asif square located in the outskirts of Karachi.

If you are a sweet tooth, then you can enjoy the local sweet dishes to the fullest as well and in many cases, even 500 Rs would look like a hell lot. Some of these dishes include gola gandas which are available at Dhoraji, dairy sweet dishes like rabri, kheer, ras malai which can be found at all leading local bakeries like Rehmat e Shereen, Asre Sheereen, United King etc.

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