3 arrested in crime reporter Hasnain Shah’s murder investigation

LAHORE: Three suspects have been arrested by the Punjab Police during the investigation of crime reporter Hasnain Shah’s murder.

Shah was murdered on 24th January in broad daylight, just a few feet away from the Lahore Press Club, causing a feeling of resentment in journalists.

Primary suspect Amir Butt was arrested from a car showroom in Jail Road Lahore by the Punjab Police. According to sources, Butt willingly gave his arrest and stated that he had nothing to do with the murder.

Earlier, the alleged shooters who fired almost 10 rounds into Hasnain Shah’s body were arrested and Butt’s arrest came after interrogation of those suspects had already taken place, a police source told The Pakistan Daily.

Hasnain Shah was one of the top crime reporters in Lahore and was affiliated with Capital TV.

It has also been claimed that up to 30% of Lahore’s Safe City cameras are not functional at any given time.

Journalists across Pakistan have demanded justice for the brutal murder of Hasnain Shah who was murdered in the heart of Lahore, minutes away from the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

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